Querium helps students master critical STEM skills, preparing them for college and beyond. Our platform delivers personalized, bite-sized lessons with expert system, step-by-step tutoring assistance that motivates students to succeed.


The research team is led by Elaine Kant, a former AI professor and Fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence.  The team includes PhDs in A.I. and in Mathematics. StepWise was first used in 2014 in a course at the University of Texas at Austin. In 2016, a $1M grant from the US Department of Education funded a Study of Promise with Algebra students in California that demonstrated the effectiveness of StepWise with middle-school students.

  • Wide Topic Coverage – Supports 500 math learning objectives

  • Expert System – A.I. developed based on the expertise of master classroom teachers

  • Multiple Patents – The development of StepWise has led to three patents in online assessment, online tutoring, and automated problem generation.

The Querium development team includes expert classroom teachers to ensure that the feedback to students is correct and pedagogically correct.


Querium collects data on student performance on each step of a problem solution, giving instructors, administrators, and parents actionable insights into student thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Micro-Analytics – 15 separate data elements collected for each student step

  • Show Your Work – Instructors and parents can review student work

  • Continuous Improvement – Data and feedback from real students improves StepWise A.I.

Querium usage data has been collected from thousands of students over the past five years to improve the effectiveness and helpfulness of the A.I.


Querium allows students to solve math problems just as they would in the real world. Students enter each step of their solution step-by-step and receive immediate feedback on the correctness of their step. Students are free to use any valid sequence of math steps to solve the problem, just as they would in real life. If a student makes a mistake in a step, StepWise immediately notifies the student and allows them to request friendly hints to get them back on the path to successfully solving the problem. StepWise mimics the feedback that an expert teacher or tutor would provide when watching a student solve the math problem.

  • Multiple Problem Variants – Hundreds of unique variants for every problem

  • Available 24×7 – Students get help whenever they need it

  • Best Practices – Students receive feedback curated by master instructors

  • Friendly Feedback – StepWise feedback is friendly and patient

Querium has infinite patience and will continue to assist students on a problem for as long as they wish, and as often as they wish, 24×7.

Open Resources

Querium math products make use of Open Education Resources and Open-Source Software. Math problems in StepWise are based on exercises developed by Rice University’s OpenStax initiative, used in thousands of math classrooms across North America. Learning software is based on MIT OpenEdX, used for online courses with tens of millions of online students at hundreds of leading universities around the world.

  • Open-Source Content – Questions taken from award-winning OpenStax math eTexts from Rice University
  • Open-Source Learning Management – Student learning management software based on MIT OpenEdX software
  • Open-Source Systems – StepWise software runs on Open-Source operating systems and database software
  • Open Devices – StepWise software runs on affordable Android mobile devices and Apple iOS mobile devices
  • Cloud Hosted – StepWise software uses cloud-based servers in multiple data centers.

Querium has been in continuous use in the U.S. since 2014 and in Canada since 2019. Multiple software servers in multiple cities provide reliable availability.

Key Features

Querium brings world-class AI to students on affordable mobile devices, giving students instant help 24×7 so they can master critical math skills.

Patented AI

24×7 Access

Mobile App

Actionable Reporting

Unlimited Access

Multiple Solution Paths

Infinite Patience