“Before Querium, this student would have etched the wrong thing into his brain. But with Querium’s StepWise engine, his error is caught right away, saving him confusion and frustration later.”

Dr. Elaine Rich

Distinguished Sr. Lecturer
University of Texas at Austin

See StepWise In Action

This brief video shows StepWise in use classrooms during our study with middle school students in Texas and California. Students who scored low on the standardized Smarter Balanced assessment did significantly better in Algebra after using StepWise.


StepWise Patented Since 2015

This patent describes how StepWise uses a single file to define a math problem for our AI system, and from that single file how the software can produce thousands of unique variants of that question, so students can practice on many similar questions.

This patent describes how StepWise AI can give students a variety of diagnostic questions to identify what math skills each student still needs to master. StepWise determines a minimum number of diagnostic questions to identify a students strengths and weaknesses.

This patent describes how the StepWise AI mimics the expertise of a master teacher to tutor students through a problem step-by-step. StepWise can use what it knows about a student to build a personal lesson plan for each student to cover the areas of their weaknesses.

Integrates Easily with Online Systems

StepWise enhances publishers’ HTML5 web apps and ePub3 without plug-ins. It integrates easily with Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle via LTI.

The Querium StepWise web component is pure HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. There is no Adobe Flash, and it does not require any other plug-ins.

StepWise AI

StepWise is adptive and personalized generating an individual learning path for each student then adapting to student progress so that students move forward as soon they are ready, and it deliver rich data to instructurs to give them insight into student problem-solving and skill level.

StepWise AI Tutor For Math

Free for public school students, teachers and parents.

Students who use StepWise do 16% better on standardized tests and they also pass their math courses at higher rates. They make better grades, so they can qualify for high-paying careers.

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