What is Math Booster?

Is an online, easy-to-use review tool to help students prep for college placement exams, like the Accuplacer, Compass, and TSI Assessment. Community colleges all over the country are facing a crisis as 70% of incoming students place into developmental education (dev ed) classes based on their college placement scores. Of that 70%, only

Drop out within their first year

Don’t be part of this statistic.

Prepare for your college placement test with Querium MathBooster!

With its personalized and mobile-ready design, MathBooster gives students a boost of readiness and confidence BEFORE their college placement exams so that they can achieve a higher score and avoid non-credit dev ed classes.

About MathBooster

Querium’s MathBooster is a personalized and adaptive review program designed to prepare students on their smartphones.

Personalized to student’s needs

70+ bite-sized video math lessons

Over 1750 practice questions with explanations

Intervention starting with 6th grade concepts

Mobile first! Works on smartphones, tablets, and computers

Engaging Multimedia Content

MathBooster features short videos by award-winning teachers reteaching math concepts and then working through examples so that you can pause, rewind, or fast forward at your leisure.

Targeted Practice & Complete Explanations

One of the most frustrating things for a student can be taking the steps to solve a problem only to end up with a wrong answer and have no idea why. MathBooster includes hints, complete solutions, and even wrong answer explanations so that students will know why they got a problem wrong and how to correct their mistake.

Accuplacer Math

Personalized And Adaptive

Is calculating slope a walk in the park, but quadratic equations a nightmare on Elm Street? StepWise will zero in on exactly where you’re struggling the most. As soon as we can tell you’ve learned a topic, we move you forward. No endless exercise sets … unless you like that sort of thing and have plenty of free time.

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