Personalized & Adaptive

In the few weeks prior to the test, students need a personalized review program as unique as their remaining math gaps are. With Querium’s MathBooster for Algebra I, students can zero in on exactly where they still struggle and build their confidence for the test. MathBooster for STAAR Algebra I EOC is a mobile-ready review tool built specifically for Texas students preparing for the STAAR Algebra I EOC assessment.

About MathBooster

Querium’s MathBooster is a personalized and adaptive review program designed to prepare students on their smartphones.

Personalized to student’s needs

70+ bite-sized video math lessons

Over 1750 practice questions with explanations

Intervention starting with 6th grade concepts

Mobile first! Works on smartphones, tablets, and computers

Featuring StepWise™ Virtual Tutor

StepWise Virtual Tutor makes learning math easier by using advanced, artificial intelligence technology to improve students’ problem-solving skills with step-by-step feedback. Students solve problems by submitting each step for evaluation. The A.I. engine immediately tells students if their step is correct or incorrect. Students may request a hint, and StepWise informs them why the step is wrong and provides hints about what to do next.

Engaging, Multimedia Content

Querium MathBooster features complete coverage of the Algebra I TEKS tested on the STAAR EOC and bite-sized video lessons by award-winning Texas teachers, so students can take as much time as they need reviewing math concepts.

Targeted Practice & Complete Explanations

One of the most frustrating things for a student can be taking the steps to solve a problem only to end up with a wrong answer and have no idea why. MathBooster includes hints, complete solutions, and even wrong answer explanations so that students will know why they got a problem wrong and how to correct their mistake.

STAAR Algebra 1 practice

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Melanie Z.


“Breaks it down into small bites, easy to master.”