Making STEM Learning Smarter with A.I-based Virtual Tutor Engine

Publisher Licensing

Querium’s A.I. engine makes STEM learning smarter by using patent-pending, artificial intelligence technology to improve students’ problem solving skills with step-by-step feedback. Students solve STEM problems by submitting each step for evaluation.

Querium partners with publishers to integrate our software into your learning solutions. Our A.I. engine improves the quality of assessments, increases learner engagement, and provides new insights into student thinking.

Instructors Gain Valuable Insight into Student Problem Solving

StepWise captures rich data within each solution to give instructors insight into students’ thinking and problem solving process. Data types include:

  • Full sequence entered by student

  • Types and numbers of errors made

  • Hints provided and number of hints requested

  • Time spent per step and per full solution

  • Partial credit for successful steps entered

  • Skill employed per entered step

  • Skill mastery demonstrated across problems

  • Overall efficiency and accuracy in problem solving

Integrates Easily with Online Systems

StepWise enhances publishers’ HTML5 web apps and ePub3 without plug-ins. It integrates easily with Agilix, Canvas, Blackboard, and Moodle via LTI.

The Querium StepWise web component is pure HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. There is no Adobe Flash, and it does not require any other plug-ins.

Turbocharge your online math products and enhance your performance by using StepWise for your homework and tests!