Rover for Math Homework

Rover is XanEdu’s online math homework system that uses the power of StepWise Virtual Tutor to help students master math. Querium built Rover in partnership with Rice University’s OpenStax OER publishing team, and now works with XanEdu to sell and support Rover as part of XanEdu’s new FlexEd product for online education. Rover is affordable for students, and easy to use for both instructors and students. Querium’s patented StepWise Virtual Tutor provides step-by-step evaluation of student solutions to math problems, guiding students to a correct solution using artificial intelligence based on the wisdom of master classroom teachers.

How is Rover’s AI Unique?

Remote Learning

Rover supports online quizzes and timed exams for distance learning and Covid-19 protection.


Don’t worry about having a separate login for Rover, they’ve got you covered.

Get your grades ASAP

Rover grades automatically and gets your scores to the gradebook in real time!

Multiple variants of questions

Rover provides multiple variants of homework questions so students can repeat problems until the topic is mastered while reducing the possibility of cheating.

Unlimited Questions

Rover includes thousands of questions from OpenStax with pre-generated homework assignments for each OpenStax book section so instructors can use Rover immediately.

Instant Feedback

Students get immediate assistance from StepWise Al.


Rover is just $35 per student per course.

Works with your LMS

Provides single sign-on and gradebook synching for ease-of-use.

What’s in ROVER?

Exploration and Discovery

Rover evoques discovery, like the Mars Rover exploration robots, our mission is to help students as they learn and part of learning is exploration is part of the process.

Rover is Friendly!

Because Rover is adaptable to students and not programmed to a single, rigid path, most find it to be much more user friendly than other software tutoring programs in the marketplace. We know that there is a lot of math anxiety out there, and Rover is designed to reduce that and help students build confidence while they learn.

Rover Helps With Math Anxiety

The founders at Rover know that many students aren’t confident in their math skills. They set out to build a better solution, focused on how students learn, not on rigid software solutions. Their focus was to use technology to enhance students’ learning, and not to let technology get in the way. Read on to learn more about Rover’s studentcentric approach.


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