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Starting college in Texas and need to take the TSI Assessment? It may sound easy enough to just drop in and take the test, but doing so could cost you over $1,000 in tuition and materials plus hundreds of hours on courses you may not even need. Earn your degree faster by preparing for the TSI Math Assessment with Querium MathBooster for TSI.

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Bite-sized lesson videos

Short videos featuring award-winning Texas teachers plus plenty of practice questions with explanations refresh your skills in everything from the Order of Operations to the Pythagorean Theorem. You’ll get complete coverage of the math assessed on the TSI.

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Quick Brain Scans see what you remember from math class. Then we design a learning path just for you!

Complete coverage

Querium MathBooster covers all four math strands tested on the TSI: Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Data and Statistics, and Geometry and Measurement.

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Access it from your smartphone so you can review anywhere, anytime. Prefer a bigger screen? MathBooster looks and functions exactly the same on a computer.

Quick and easy to use

Need to take the test next week? Tomorrow? No problem! Querium MathBooster is designed to get those math juices running again in short order.

Made for the TSI

All lessons, practice questions, and explanations were written specifically for TSI Math Assessment.

Worth the $30 investment

Don’t get stuck in a math class you don’t get credit for because you didn’t take a few hours to refresh your high school math skills! $30 for Querium MathBooster gets you a personalized plan to do your best on the math portion of the TSI and potentially avoid the expense and time for unnecessary developmental math courses.

Querium TSI Math Prep Proven Results

Executive Summary

Preliminary results from the beta test show that students who used TSI Math Prep achieved higher scores than those who did not use the program. Additionally, for those students who used TSI Math Prep after first sitting for the TSI Assessment…

Improved their scores on average by 10 points
Raised their scores above a cut line
Moved from the Dev Ed range to College Ready.

Pre-Assessment Activity

Querium offers a mobile-ready, online PAA at no cost to colleges, which is currently used by 17 Texas

This service complies with all THECB requirements, and goes beyond those requirements to
deliver an interactive experience for the student as well as record-keeping for schools. Querium also
provides the student with evidence of PAA completion as required by the THECB.


338 students from the eight beta schools were registered to use the TSI Math Prep program. 245 of
these students (73%) actively used TSI Math Prep, completing at least a quarter of the program.

Active VS Inactive

The beta schools provided Querium with scores for
116 of registered students; 97 of these scores were
from active users.

Of the active users achieved
College-Ready scores
Scored in the Dev Ed range
Attained Adult Basic Ed (ABE) scores

21 students registered, but did not use the TSI Math Prep program.

Achieved College Ready scores when they took the
Scored at Dev Ed level
Scored at the ABE level.

Then the students who used TSI Math Prep achieved higher scores on the TSIA than those who did not use the program.

Performance, Active vs Inactive

Before/After TSIA Scores

Eleven students took the TSIA both before and after using TSI Math Prep. Over 90% of these students improved their scores after using TSI Math Prep, averaging a 10 point increase. More than 50% of these students raised their scores above a cut line, thereby reducing or eliminating the need for remedial coursework. More than one third of these students (36%) raised their scores from Dev Ed level to College Ready, achieving passing scores in the TSIA, and two students improved their scores from Adult Basic Ed level to Dev Ed

TSIA Score Analysis:

Treatment VS Control Groups

One community college provided Querium with the TSIA scores for all students who took the assessment: 386 within the beta period. This allowed Querium to conduct a comparison of the performance of the 43 TSI Math Prep users (Treatment) versus the 343 who did not use it (Control).

Nearly 25% of the Treatment group attained College Ready scores, versus 16% of the Control group.

More than 50% of the Treatment group placed in the Dev Ed range, compared with 34% of the Control group. Finally, while 50% of the Control group TSIA scores were at the ABE level, less than 25% of the TSI Math Prep users scored at the lowest level.

TSI Scores: Control VS Treatment

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